Diabetes has been the unsolved problem of our growing country. Estimated diabetics may reach 98 million by 2030 as per the studies. The insulin needed to meet the needs of diabetics may be available only for half of them. Males have a greater edge for diabetes than females with a 9.1 per cent prevalence. Out of 12 adults, one is more likely to have diabetes. If these numbers go higher substantially the insulin becomes inaccessible and the deaths with diabetes go beyond by 2030 as warned by international diabetes federation. Diabetes may be a single problem to relate but it has a large group of complications affecting smaller functions to vital organs in the body. Most of these complications can be treatable and also avoided with mere care and awareness.

Causes of diabetes:

Diabetes is differentiated by the cause and factors into type 1, type 2 and prediabetes in males. The type 1 diabetes is called an autoimmune reaction, in with the pancreas is attached with its beta cells. This insulin is lacked by the body triggering diabetes. Genetics, viruses, and environment and pre-diabetes may also lead to diabetes type 1. Type 2 diabetes is a chronic issue where blood glucose levels rise higher than normal. These are unabsorbed by the body and continues the spike resulting in diabetes. Prediabetes as indicating is the situation where the spiked blood sugar levels are not enough to be called diabetes. People with prediabetes have an abundance of chances to catch up with diabetes.

Symptoms and signs of diabetes:

In general, diabetes shows similar signs and symptoms in both males and females, except for a few which are seen only in the respective genders.

Polyphagia and polydipsia:

High amount of food and water intake is seen in the diabetics. The cells being deprived of the energy required demands more and frequent intake of food and water. Even if a person is overweighing or obese, the thirst and hunger show up.


Urination that is frequent and more often is the basic symptom in diabetics. This may increase during nights. This happens as the kidneys lose control over filtration and releases of fluids and water through urine. This dehydrates the body and leads to thirst and mineral loss.


The body of diabetes is always deprived of energy. Sweating and tiredness are common manifestations in adults. They always and immediately reach fatigue and profuse sweating due to the energy deficit in their bodies. Diabetic diet plan with balancing fats, carbs and protein diet is prescribed to fight the condition.

Optical issues:

Retina and vision are affected by diabetes. Glaucoma and cataracts are extreme issues with diabetes. Quite seen in adults with diabetes, the eyes also develop various vision problems. The optic nerve gets affected in glaucoma.this may end up in blindness. Damaged retinal blood vessels cause diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic macular oedema is also a diabetic sign.


Though gaining weight is a good sign, diabetics show a massive addition of weight. This leads to vital cardiovascular diseases, painful feet and healing complications.

Wound healing:

There is a delayed wound healing in diabetics, from the smallest cuts to the sores, necrosis and gangrene and all become unyielding in diabetes. Most of the cases are surgically not treated, and also advised to get operated if in high levels of diabetes. Special diabetic foot care is suggested to avoid the situation.

Reproductive life:

Erectile dysfunction

Diabetes, in general, affects the nerves and blood and blood vessels in all the persons. But the males, in specific, get affected in their reproductive life by diabetes.

Erectile dysfunction and genital thrush reduced sperm count noticed in diabetic men.

Erectile dysfunction is a nerve and blood supply issue. As diabetes collapses both the system, it becomes a difficulty in almost all the diabetic men as it demands greater blood circulation to the penis. Some adults experience decreased sperm count also. These factors cause infertility in men. Genital thrush/yeast infection in men causes swelling in the penis, the excessive sugars help the growth of the yeast. Redness, itching with an unpleasant smell is noticed around the penis.

Almost seventy-five per cent of men suffering from diabetes experience this difficulty in the performance. Sex becomes painful. Great discomfort occurs in intercourse. The skin around the penis has a white pus-like appearance. Retrograde ejaculation is another issue in which the semen is discharged into the urinary bladder. It is barely noticed unless a little semen is observed during ejaculation.

Urinary tract infections and frequent urination which is not controllable is common with a too much active urinary bladder.

The body mass also drastically goes down along with breakage of day in few men.

Loss of muscle weight:

The increased levels of sugar levels in the bloodstream cause fat deposits to burn. Muscle breakdown occurs. Gradually strength lessens and weakness of muscle appears soon.

The body circumference increases in comparison to normal men. The waistline and tummy size of the diabetic men will be larger than in the other.

The body metabolism gets almost three points higher to the earlier. High Body metabolic index than thirteen is indicative of obesity.

Body shreds off weight excessively until it is diagnosed.

Higher risks of diabetes include:

In severe diabetes, the risks like Diabetic neuropathy, diabetic retinopathy, foot issues, cardiovascular stroke and attacks, chronic kidney problems, neuropathy, cancers, infertility, ketoacidosis may happen. In each of these conditions, diabetes affects the blood vascular system and nervous system which takes over these. Ketones accumulation occurs to a harmful level. Muscle weakness and reduced strength are common in type 1 diabetes men.

Diabetic neuropathy in men:

Though the onset of diabetic neuropathy is more prominent in females, men are no less. But the males develop the neuropathy earlier than the women.

Diabetic retinopathy:

The higher sugar levels in the blood vessels to the retina damage it causing diabetic retinopathy swelling, leakage and oedema along with haemorrhage are the signs of retinopathy, as the retina functions with the optic nerve, which is destroyed in diabetes, the vision is blurred or completely lost in diabetes.

Diabetic macular oedema:

The macula is a part of the retina, which develops oedema in diabetes. People with retinopathy are at higher risks for DME.


Too much filtration, loss of body fluids and failure of kidneys, nephropathy and microalbuminuria are the diabetic complication on the kidneys, these are most risks in diabetes.


Diabetics along with heart disease are more in a number of deaths among those with diabetes type 2. The risks are quadruple in a diabetes person with a cardiovascular issue. The heart condition in diabetes needs special care as in the people with cardiac strikes

Ways to prevent diabetes:

Men above 40 years are advised to test for diabetes. Nowadays, it is seen even in teenagers and adolescents due to genetic factors, family history and lifestyle changes and obesity. A regular exercise and a prescribed diet are advised in men.

Losing excess weight lowers the risks of diabetes by 60%. being active, lining a healthy lifestyle and controlled weight are the basic keys to fight back the aggressive complications. Oral medications, insulin doses and glucose level monitoring diabetes. Chronic smoking habits is seen in many adults with stressful lifestyles.

Alcohol consumption along with smoking worsens diabetes. Obesity that runs in families gifts diabetes along to future generations. Having a check on the obese weight is a must to avoid diabetes. Having high standing cholesterol’s and blood pressure is a favourable condition for diabetes.

Seeking doctors help with no hesitation is a primary caution. Having a frank talk with your doctor without hiding about any sexual complaints is the most step. This helps to diagnose any other problems that are hidden. Being regular with blood sugar level monitoring after crossing forty years should be a routine. With little changes in the lifestyle, most men can lead a successful diabetic life.

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